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The Launch Of It's Rebecca Ellis - An Introduction

Northern Ireland, UK

The Launch Of It's Rebecca Ellis - An Introduction

Let's be frank, it's only fitting as my first 'official' blog post on It's Rebecca Ellis - that it should be an introduction of sorts. It's ironic, I always find the first post the hardest to write, but I mean... how does one really introduce themselves? 

I guess I'll start with the basics!

Hello, Hi, How Are Ya? My name is Rebecca Ellis and I'm a 23 year old vintage loving, loud music enthusiast who adores interiors, travelling and a chunky cat or two (give me a British Short-hair any day of the week). I am the owner and founder of Violet's Vintage NI, a small online vintage / thrift store which was set up and launched in May 2020 in memory of my late Granny Vi (Violet Johnston) and is lovingly run from my home studio in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Aside from running an online store, I also work part time at a dog groomers as a bather (think of it like a hair salon for dogs, I wash hair and blow dry it), but I also have an interest in writing - which brings me to this delightful little space on the world wide web named 'It's Rebecca Ellis' - how original am I right? Does what it says on the tin though doesn't it.

To give you some context, I find journaling VERY therapeutic and believe it's a great outlet to document all things life. So naturally I have progressed from a little book in my beside table, to a fully fledged blog all about sustainable living, our travels, styling advice and more - you'll probably find it all here.

That handsome chap in the picture above, is my best friend Mr Matthew McNamee! I'm sure I'll be dropping his name in blog posts from time to time, especially now that we are saving for our first property. Heck, it's really hard to believe that this engagement photo was pulled from 2019, oh how the time flies (I say that as if I'm pushing 60) and it sure feels like it at the minute.

Any way I'm going to love you and leave you here, but I'm so excited to get writing! To stay up to date with my on-goings, feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter

- R x 

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