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Stomping Out Fast Fashion & Where You Can Shop In Northern Ireland

Stomping Out Fast Fashion & Where You Can Shop In Northern Ireland

Sustainability is in and it's becoming fashionable. Admittedly just typing that out on blogger made me think of that old cliché - 'one man's trash, is another man's treasure' and in some instances it really is, especially if you love a good old rummage (I know I do). But it just so happens that rummaging around in dresses and jumpers all day, is also part of my role at Violet's Vintage and when I tell you that nothing compares to that eureka moment of finding someone else's preloved funky fits, I really mean it. 

In May 2020 I launched my small business at Violet's Vintage with just an IKEA clothing rail and 10 bomb vintage pieces, from BHS to Eastex and more. I had just been made redundant for the 2nd time that year, my uncle had just passed away and I had just been clinically diagnosed with depression - is it any flipping wonder?! At the time, I was literally grasping at straws - I needed something that would push me to have a bit of get up and go and so after many late night discussions, meetings and going's over - Violet's Vintage was born. To say this venture has helped me find myself is a truthfully a bit of an understatement, I adore what I do and I hope it comes across in my work. But Violet's Vintage has also made me much more conscious about where my clothing comes from, and where my clothing goes.

A statistic that I think is really, really important to mention here, is that in the UK alone up to 85% of our clothing goes to landfill. We are very much a throw away society and the sooner we wake up to that fact, the better. This is why I have curated a list for those of whom are from Northern Ireland (although I'm sure these businesses won't mind shipping overseas), that you can shop with and support. 

Where You Can Shop In Northern Ireland

1. Violet's Vintage 

Of course I'm going to slip a little self promo in here, who wouldn't - but I'll keep it brief. Violet's Vintage is a vintage and secondhand women's clothing store located in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. We launched in May 2020 and stock a variety of sizes and styles. We also ship worldwide. Our business is named after my late Granny Vi (Violet Johnston). 

2. Alf & Roe 

Founded by Erinrose, Alf & Roe are a vintage clothing store based in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. They launched in 2016 as a physical store, but also have an online store where you can browse their latest finds. Erinrose has also launched a men's vintage shop called 505.mensvintage. I am completely and utterly obsessed already.

3. The Wardrobe Belfast 

Founded by Andrea, The Wardrobe Belfast launched in November 2020 as a physical and online store and they are boutique offering women's consignment. Essentially you can cleanse your closet and sell your preloved items via their new premises in the heart of Belfast (how brilliant is that!). They typically offer high end and high street finds at some bargain prices.

4. Rustic Runway

Founded by Ann-Louise in 2012, Rustic Runway are also based in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and stock a variety of women's vintage clothing. They did have a physical store, but I believe they are currently thriving as an online business. One look at their page and I want to add everything to my cart.

I hope you found this read beneficial.

R x 


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