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The Launch Of It's Rebecca Ellis - An Introduction

The Launch Of It's Rebecca Ellis - An Introduction

Let's be frank here, it only seems fitting as my first "official" blog post on It's Rebecca Ellis, that it be some form of introduction. Oh the irony, I've always found introductions the hardest part about starting anything - I mean, how does one really introduce themselves, without either oversharing or coming across as condescending. I'm beginning to wonder does a happy medium even exist between the two, but I guess starting with the basics should be sufficient enough for now.

My name is Rebecca Ellis and I'm a 24 year old vintage/thrift selling, macramé artist from Norn Iron aka. Northern Ireland, who adores 90's metal, travelling, petting dogs and pinning interiors for a house that I don't even know (yet) - emphasis on the yet, because that's a work in progress. By day you'll probably know me as the owner and founder of a little store called Violet's Vintage, an online vintage/thrift clothing store that I launched from my bedroom in May 2020. And by night, well... I guess you could say I write blog posts now and create macramé art at The Emerald Corner.

So... you might ask (or you probably won't), why am I starting a blog in 2021? Do people even read these anymore? Who knows! But to put it simply, we've just existed 365 days through a global pandemic, I think it's time to shake off this funk and get my creative knickers on. This year I'm all about finding and focusing on the things that I enjoy and surprisingly writing just happens to be one of those things - except this time, I'm writing for the world to see and not just in a notebook tucked away in my bedside table.

Regardless, I'm really excited to spend time here and hope you will stick around for the journey - wherever that may go.

R x 


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